Schwalbe Trucks

At Schwalbe Trucks, we’ve been building and customizing multi-purpose trucks for over 25 years. Using the best quality materials and cutting edge tools, Schwalbe will build a truck to suit most any need. Whether it’s an extended cab, a 4-door with cab, or a 3-door cab with side skirts, Schwalbe can outfit it with spectacular customizations that not only make for the most eye-catching trucks on the road, but also the most comfortable.

Our interiors can feature the latest in technology wrapped around a leather-outfitted comfort-packed seating area. Or, we can provide an extremely low-maintenance truck for those with utility in mind.

Contact Schwalbe today to discuss your options, and put the power of 25-years of multi-purpose truck customizations behind your wheel.

Schwalbe Trucks

Muenster, TX

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