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Sirius Trailers

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Sirius Trailers



Sirius Trailers BV (Holland) was created from four generations of experience in the development and production of quality horse trailers. The Sirius development team consists of professional riders, Fons Bouwhuis, and Antwin Vloet in Holland, and Peter Jensen, Sven Jensen and Clarence Fehr in Canada, who have 25 years of experience in the trailer industry. All Sirius trailers are now designed in Canada and the Netherlands by our professional teams and manufactured in Europe and Canada. Sirius Trailers are manufactured in North America by SunLite Trailers Inc.

This team has come up with a new trailer concept, which is revolutionary in space, design, convenience and safety: the perfect transport solution for your horse. The result is a line of horse trailers that is unlike any other trailers that are available on the market today. The slogan “the next generation” certainly applies to these trailers.

You can recognize a Sirius trailer by its tough, and streamlined modern design. The Sirius Trailers line was created after taking a close look at the SUV sector.

Spaciousness, safety, versatility, convenience and design are distinguishing features of our products. All Sirius Trailers are very spacious and therefore clearly larger than other trailers available on the market. In addition, there is an (optional) tack room on the right side, which provides your horse with much more room to move.

Due to this spacious design it is much easier for your horse to load into the trailer. Every Sirius Trailer has a door/ramp combination and a weighted back, which makes your trailer much stronger than other brands. When you use the door function, it is much easier to load young horses. Due to the special negative air pressure windows, there is no draught on your horse’s eyes and the exhaust fumes from your car cannot enter the trailer from the front. Every Sirius Trailer has a so-called ventilation chassis.


When purchasing a trailer, ask yourself: who am I buying this trailer for; myself or my horse?

Choose Spaciousness, Quality, Comfort, and Safety. 

Choose Sirius!

Sirius Horse Trailer Videos


Sirius S75 Horse Trailer

The new 2022 Sirius Horse Trailer w. Dressing Room

Sirius S80 Horse Trailer

The New 2022 Sirius S80 Warmblood Horse Trailer

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Sirius Trailers

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