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Horse Trailer Manufacturer Advertisings Options

With Horse Trailer Trader .com, there are several great advertising options available. Home Page Banner Ads, Search Result banner ads, and the select manufacturer advertising package which features a comprehensive list of valuable advertising options for Horse Trailer and Truck Manufacturers. These options allow manufacturers to reach people while they are casually browsing the site, while consumers are researcing information about different brands, and manufacturers can reach buyers during their online search process.

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Select Manufacturer Advertising Package $200 / Month
  1. Premium Placement in Manufacturer List (sorted by # of listings)
  2. Banner Ad on Mfg list Page (sorted in order ad is placed) with link to either official mfg page or to the HTT mfg page
  3. Dedicated Mfg Pages features:
    • Animated Image
    • Personalized description about mfg products, history, and / or current marketing message.
    • Contact Info and Email Form to contact Mfg
    • Link to brochures as printable pdf files
    • Link to Specific Brand of trailers for sale
    • Link to “Authorized Dealer Locator Map” which will include all Dealers for that Horse Trailer Manufacturer
    • Link to Mfg official website
  4. Dealer Locator Map with thumbnails which when clicked display dealer contact info and link to dealer page.
  5. Dealer List Below Locator Map sorted by # of Listings
  6. Plus, Your Dealers will receive;
    • A dealer page with contact info, logo, interactive map to dealership, email form, and area for Marketing Message.
    • Dealer receives discounted rate for Inventory Listing Feature
  7. Dealer Inventory and Manufacturer Information will also be featured on
Horse Trailer Manufacturer
Horse Trailer Dealer List

Horse Trailer Trader Home Page and Search Result Banner Ads

Advertise on

*Rates Shown are Available for Horse Trailer Dealers and Horse Trailer Manufacturers Based on a 6 Month Committment.

Home Page Banner Ads are Limited to Reduce Clutter
for Maximum Exposure and Increase Advertiser Value!
1) Home Page Tower Ad Appears on Right Hand Side – Available for 6 Advertisers.  
Dimensions - 120x600 pixels. Max file size…40k
Price: $500 / Month
2) Medium Tower Ads Appear on Left hand side of page – Rotates between a total of 12 advertisers.
Dimensions - 120x240 pixels. Max file size… 20k
Price: $300 / Month
3) Bottom Button Banner Ad – rotates between 10 ads – Great Value for home page high visibility exposure!!
Dimensions - 120x90 pixels. Max file size… 10k
Price: $125 / Month

4) Home Page Premium Position Banner Ad available for Horse Trailer and Truck Manufacturers. Rotates between 5 Advertisers. Call 330-265-2135 for Special Details.

Search Result Banner Ads:
Manufacturer banner ads directly above search results for premium placement. Printable Banner Ad Flyer with Pricing, Discounts, and Home Page Banner Ad Extras - click here.

Other Banner advertising options are available on high traffic pages like Advanced Trailer Search Page, Horse Trailer Dealer Search Page, and the Resources Page. For more information or to order please call Jeff DeLaCroix; office: 330-265-2135; or mobile: 330-573-9555.

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