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Bockmann North America

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 Bockmann North America Horse Trailers
Bockmann North America

Böckmann North America

The exclusive distributor in North America of Böckmann horse trailers and accessories, imported directly from Lastrup, Germany.

German Engineering, Innovation and High Quality Design

The Böckmann family owned business has been building horse trailers and horse trucks in Germany since 1956. The Böckmann's extensive experience in various equestrian disciplines is reflected in the high quality of all of their products. Böckmann's horse trailers are acclaimed world-wide for their technologically advanced engineering and innovations. Don't be left behind - hitch up with Böckmann!

Böckmann Engineering

Europe has suffered from high gas prices for decades which prompted trailer designers to engineer trailers that can be pulled safely by smaller, more fuel-efficient tow vehicles.

Europeans have been developing well-engineered, aerodynamic horse trailers much longer than we have in North America. We have the benefit of learning from their years of experience.

Three outstanding criteria must be met:

1. Maximum tongue load of 113 kg (250 lbs) for trailers 14' or shorter, 150kg (330 lbs) for trailers 14'+
2. Independent mechanical or hydraulic braking system.
3. Features to create a silent, cool, comfortable space for your horse(s)

In accordance with European road regulations, European engineers design "self-balancing" horse trailers - bearing their weight over the wheels and "leaning" a maximum of 4% of the GVWR onto the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle "guides" the trailer along the road, rather than "piggy-backing" it.

Conventional flat roofed, box-style trailers create a vacuum when in tow, which requires a strong engine to break the vacuum. The aerodynamic roof line of Böckmann trailers eliminates the vacuum and sway, so no need for a strong engine. By transferring the load back to the trailer itself, and by creating aerodynamic roof-lines, a smaller vehicle can tow a Böckmann-designed trailer.


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