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Cimarron Horse Trailer

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Cimarron Horse Trailers for sale

Cimarron Trailers

better by design. it's the Cimarron way.


Thank you! Thank you for considering a Cimarron Trailer for your family. We appreciate the opportunity to build a trailer for you and your family to make memories together. Cimarron employees understand the commitment you’ve made to your equine partners. The early morning feeding schedule, the after-work practice sessions, the all night drives to next event, the sire selection process for the next foal, the dreams, the drive, the determination, and the lifestyle. We understand it, we live it, we love it, and we’re proud to help you and your family get there and back, SAFELY.

When you purchase a Cimarron Trailer, you become part of our family as well. You see, family is important to Cimarron. Cimarron Trailers is family owned and operated. Your trailer purchase allows our employees to achieve their goals & dreams for their family. We’re not sending profits off to stock holders or “corporate suits.” We are blue jean, boot wearing, people that love and care for this industry, our way of life, and the American dream.

Cimarron Trailers is a network of individuals committed to creating the best equine and livestock transportation in the industry. This network not only includes our dealers and the personnel at the manufacturing plant but it also includes our customers. One of the reasons we build highly customizable trailers is that one customer’s innovation can become the new standard in the industry. The buyer of our product holds some of the most valuable knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. We use the feedback from our customers to continually improve our product. Our success not only comes from the quality product we produce but it also comes from the chain of personal relationships that takes that product from us to you. Cimarron Trailers and our dealers are dedicated to taking care of the diverse needs of each customer for the long haul by producing custom-built aluminum trailers, that are well engineered and quality constructed at competitive prices.

Cimarron Trailers began in 2000 with the goal of building a better trailer, a better company, and better manufacturing culture. Since then, we’ve built over 10,000 trailers that are Better-by-Design through continuous product evaluation, innovation, and customer feedback. When we design, we choose the better part, not the cheaper part. When we manufacture, we choose the best equipment, not the lowest priced. When you look for your next trailer, all we ask, is that you evaluate your trailer choices and choose VALUE over price.

Cimarron Trailers Employees

Cimarron Trailers

Chickasha, OK