Trail-et Horse Trailers

 Trail-et Horse Trailers

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Trail-et Horse Trailer Models

IMAGINEERING . . . that's what Trail-et is all about! Combining engineering with imagination produces a superior product for the safety and comfort of you and your horses!

Classics - Our Classic Models have been in the "Imagineering" process since 1963.  Built with the traditional features and value you expect in a Trail-et Horse Trailer.  Classical striping and colors give these trailers the look of quality and class that you deserve.  Fully equipped, from the spare tire to the luxurious 2" foam padding, they are offered with standard equipment that other companies provide only as options.

Spirits - The Spirit line of Trailers has been designed for the value conscious horse owner who wants the quality ride and comfort of the Classic Trail-et Trailer, but without all the frills.  The basic construction is uncompromised.  As with our Classic Models, Spirit Models have aluminum teardrop fenders and the roof radius and frame are painted to match your color choice.

Eventors - Trail-et Eventor Trailers are the answer for your bigger horses.  Built to the same high standards as the Classic Trail-et Horse Trailers, the Eventor models feature larger horse stall size in both straight load and slant load models.  Attention to detail on these models for larger horses includes such items as raising the windows and dividers in addition to making the trailers taller and wider.

Living Quarters - The Living Quarters Trailers have all the comforts of home built right in.  4 1/2' Weekender, 6', 8', 10' and 12 1/2' conversion packages are available.  Built for maximum comfort for those who travel with their horses.  Also, a complete line of Living Quarters shells are available for customers who wish to customize their own living quarters area.

IMAGINEERING . . . that's what Trail-et is all about! Combining engineering with imagination produces a superior product for the safety and comfort of you and your horses!

Design Details

All models feature sleek aerodynamic design.  The wedge nose and gusset-less rear end decrease wind drag.  Rubber torsion axles, computer-matched to the operating load, add independent suspension to minimize shock, sway and bouncing.

The exterior aluminum is available in white or pewter pre-baked enamel.  A double coated acrylic foam tape attaches the aluminum to the sub-frame providing a sealed, smooth appearance and isolates against galvanic corrosion.  Our distinct logo stripe is available in a variety of colors.

A one piece fiberglass roof tops your trailer.  Rain runs off its seam-free, rivet-free construction.  Because it is translucent, more light is provided for the interior.  Fiberglass does not absorb heat (like steel or aluminum), therefore, the interior remains cool.  Trail-et's unique method of installing the frame into the fiberglass provides additional strength.

Trail-et equips its Classic Models with standard features that are sold as optional equipment on most other premium trailers.  Our Classic Models feature a spare tire, rubber lining, luxury padding, dual tail-lights, great ventilation through roof vents and large windows as standard equipment.  Many options are available to tailor your unit to the exact specifications of your horse and transportation requirements.


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