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Ponderosa Trailers

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Ponderosa Trailers - horse trailers

Ponderosa Trailers - Plumerville, Arkansas factory closed in 2011

No Email currently available for Ponderosa Trailers.  Please Contact Horse Trailer Manufacturer via phone at 501-354-4717.

Manufacturing in Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico


FRAME - Heavy gauge steel is much stronger than aluminum and can absorb flex, which aluminum can not. Frames are welded upside down for better weld penetration and strength. Running boards: run the length of the trailer, reinforce the frame with additional angle iron and add frame support for side braces. Arc welded for better penetration and durability. Each trailer is built by a team of builders familiar with that type of trailer. Builders weld their initials on each trailer frame. Longwise floor strips support floor every 12" are welded to each cross member. Sides are crimped in stock area for strength. Side braces in stock areas from running boards to uprights stiffen the entire trailer. Drip rail on roof allows water to run back and away from trailer. Angle iron uprights in stock area: stronger than thin sheet metal tubing, angle iron doesn't have a bare hollow interior like tubing that rusts from the inside out and busts when water gets inside, requires fewer uprights than tubing thereby reducing unnecessary weight and the uprights thick steel allows a more solid weld for trailer sides, braces, top rails, gates, etc.

FLOORING - Pressure treated for longevity. Tongue and groove for extra strength. Kiln dried for less warpage. Run side to side for strength, making a 6 foot board stronger than a 16 foot board. Side to side floors are supported by the lengthwise floor strips as opposed to numerous cross members. This adds greater floor strength and less trailer weight. Floors are easier to replace. No screws to break, strip out or stick up.

QUALITY CONTROL - Each unit is inspected during and after construction by the welding supervisor, who has years of experience building trailers. The supervisor works directly with the company owners.


Ponderosa Trailers

Ponderosa trailer